Article 1.0  Name

The name of this organization shall be “Lambton Outdoor Club”.


Article 2.0  Purpose

The purpose of the club shall be to promote, arrange and enjoy outdoor activities, in a manner which is in keeping with good conservation practices.


Article 3.0  Membership

Any person 18 years of age or older may become a member of this club by agreeing to the purpose of the Club, paying the annual membership fee, and signing the Liability Release and Assumption of Risk form.


Article 4.0  Officers

The officers of the club shall be:


Past President





The officers shall be elected by the membership at the Annual General Meeting during September.  The office of Secretary and Treasurer may be held by the same person as needs determine.


Article 5.0  The Council

The governing body of the club shall be the Council, composed of the officers and the Chair of each standing committee.


The President shall call meetings of the Council members at least every quarter.  A quorum for the transaction of business shall be a majority of Council members.


Article 6.0  Amendments to Constitution and Bylaws

Amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws can be made at any business meeting of the general membership, provided that a notice of the proposed amendment has been included in the notice of the meeting, and provided that a quorum is present.  A quorum for this purpose is 15% of the paid membership.  A two thirds majority vote of those present is necessary to pass an amendment.


Revision Log

Revision No.                Date                             Description/By

1st Edition                    Sept 1992

Revision No. 1             13th Sept 1996

Revision No. 2             5th Dec 2000               Article 6.0

Revision No. 3             20th Dec 2005             Added header & revision log    T. Arnold




1.0  Rules of Order

The rules contained in “Robert’s Rule of Order” shall govern the Club in all cases to which they are applicable, and which they are not inconsistent with the Constitution and By Laws of this Club.


2.0  Duties of Officers

The major duties of the officers are as follows:


Past President

a) Advise the President.

b) Chair the Nominating Committee.



a) Preside at all general and council meetings.

b) Ex-officio member of all committees, except


the Nominating Committee.

c) Co-ordinate the work of officers and council.

d) Promote the aims and purpose of the Club.

e) Optimize the clubs operations.

f) Review the Risk Management Policy, Attachment 3.

g) Review the 1st Aid Kits, Attachment 10.

h) Review the Inventory of Resources, Attachment 11.

i) Follow Guidelines for A.G.M. Attachment 14.



a) Assistant to the President in all duties.

b) Assume the Presidents duties in his/her absence.

c) Prepare to assume the role of president.



a) Recording of all club business, and the safe keeping of such records. (minutes of meetings, mail, constitution & bylaws).

b) Handle club correspondence.



a) Collect, disburse and keep a record of the club funds.

b) Handle membership dues.

c) Ensure guidelines for Activity Discretionary Funds are followed as per Attachment 2.


3.0  Standing Committees

There will be ten standing committees represented on the council:


1) Canoe / Kayaking                6) Newsletter

2) Cycling                                7) Membership

3) Hiking                                  8) Publicity

4) Winter Activities                   9) Social

5) Communication                   10) Website


Other committees may be formed or dissolved as the council sees fit.

The outgoing committees for Canoe / Kayaking, Cycling, Hiking and Winter Activities will appoint their own chairs for the next term, and report to the President by August 31 before the AGM.  The President, with the approval of the elected officers, will appoint the chairs of the remaining standing committees, who must be members in good standing.  The appointments of the chairs for all the standing committees will be ratified at the AGM.  Should any of the appointments not be accepted, nominations will be open to the floor at the AGM.

No chair person will serve more than five consecutive terms in the same position.

The term may be extended in one year increments subject to the approval of the LOC Council.


The areas of responsibility for the standing committees are listed below.


Canoe/Kayaking, Cycling, Hiking and Winter Activities

a) Plan all activities.
b) Obtain coordinators for the activities.
c) Maintain a file of information to aid coordinators and trip planning.
d) Maintain records of trips and of those in attendance.
e) Follow guidelines as per Attachments 2,3,4,5,6,7 & 15.



Compilation, editing, printing and distribution of Club newsletter.



Maintain public awareness of the club, and its activities, using any appropriate media and occasional promotional activities.



Arrange to contact club members as requested using the Event Information Notification Procedures, Attachment 7.



Plan and run the club’s social functions.



Keep a record of club membership and dues paid.

Ensure all members correctly fill out and sign the Membership Application Form and the Liability Release & Assumption of Risk Form, Attachments 8 &9. Enter all information into the data base. Inform members when their membership has lapsed.



Maintain website and ensure pages and items are current.


4.0  Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee will be chaired by the Past President. The chair will chose the other committee members, who must be members in good standing. The current President cannot be a member of this committee.

The nominating committee will develop a slate of candidates to serve as officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer) for the coming year, and will present its recommendation at the Annual General Meeting. Consent of the nominees must be obtained beforehand.  Additional nominations may come from the floor at the meeting. The membership will vote on the nominees.  All council members must be members in good standing.

The term of office will be one year.  No person will serve more than three consecutive terms in the same position.  In the event that an officer must leave the council prior to the end of his/her term, the remainder of the council members will have the right to appoint a replacement, handling each situation as they see fit.


5.0  Annual General Meeting

There shall be an Annual General Meeting of the Lambton Outdoor Club in September of each year, for the purpose of electing officers, and conducting other required business. A quorum of 10% of members will be necessary for election of officers and 15% for amendment to the Constitution and Bylaws.


6.0  Membership & Dues

There are two types of memberships:

Family      =    Adult(s) and dependent children.

Individual  =   Available to anyone of 18 yrs and older.

Annual dues are set each year by the Council and payable by the member to the treasurer, on the anniversary date of when the member first joined the club.
All members over 80 years of age will be accepted as honorary members. As such no annual membership fee will be required. Members wanting this benefit are required to request this is writing to the Membership Chairperson, stating date of birth.


7.0  Council Policy Decisions

The council may adopt policies as may seem desirable provided that such policies are consistent with the provisions of these  Constitution and By-laws.  Changes to the policies may be made at any council meeting providing that the proposed changes are announced prior to the meeting, and then passed by a simple majority vote.


8.0  Signing Authority

The signing officers of LOC shall be the: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

All cheques will require two signatures from any of the signing officers.

The council reserves the right to approve any or all expenses.


9.0  Liability Release and Assumption of Risk

All participants of club activities must read, understand and sign a Liability Release and Assumption of Risk Form, Attachment 9, for each year of their membership.  Without this signed form their membership is null and void.


10.0  Fiscal Year

The fiscal year for the club shall end on 31st July of each year.


11.0  Auditor

An auditor of the club finances shall be appointed at the Annual General Meeting and follow the Guidelines for LOC Auditors, see Attachment 1.


12.0    Risk Management Policy

The club will maintain a Risk Management Policy which will be reviewed and published annually, see Attachment 3.


13.0   Attachments

  1. Guidelines for LOC Auditors.
  2. Guidelines for Activity Committee Discretionary Funds.
  3. Risk Management Policy.
  4. Notes and Suggestions for Hike Participants.
  5. Unwritten Laws of the Trail.
  6. Suggestions for Hike Coordinators.
  7. Event Information Notification Procedures.
  8. Membership Application Form.
  9. Liability Release & Assumption of Risk Form.
  10. Contents Log of all 1st Aid Kits.
  11. Inventory of Resources.
  12. Attendance Sheet.
  13. Activity Log.
  14. Guidelines for A.G.M.
  15. Bicycle Safety Guidelines
  16. Paddling Guidelines for Canoe & Kayak Trips.


Please note:

The attachments, 1 to 15 above, are in Adobe pdf format.

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Revision Log


Revision No.               Date                            Description / By

1st edition                    Sept 1992

Revision No.1              Sept 1994

Revision No.2              15th Sept 1995

Revision No.3              13th Sept 1996

Revision No.4              13th Sept 1997

Revision No.5              28th Sept 1999

Revision No.6              30th Dec 1999

Revision No.7              5th Dec 2000

Revision No.8              17th April 2002             Added 2.0 f) and 12.0    J. Hornagold.

Revision No.9              20th Dec 2005              3.0 Trail Committee deleted, Telephone

changed to Communications.   T. Arnold

Revision No.10            12th May 2007             Added Attachments 3 to 13.     T. Arnold

Revision No 11            15th Dec 2007              Added: 2.0 President i), 3.0 Website,13.0 Attach 14

Revise 10.0 Fiscal year end to 31st July. T. Arnold.

Revision No 12            9th Oct 2010                Added: 3.0 RV & Tenting committee.  T. Arnold

Revision No 13            3rd Oct 2012                Deleted XC Skiing & RV/Tenting committees. Added Winter Activities.  T. Arnold.

Revision No 14            4th January 2015          Revised 3.0 Chairperson max five terms.

Added Attachment No 15 Bicycle Safety. T.Arnold