Collingwood Trip

The winter committee is planning a two-night trip to Collingwood on Sunday January 29 & Monday the 30th. Check out is on the 31st. 
Participants will have several options; cross country skiing, snowshoeing or downhill skiing.
Cross Country Skiing
Cross country skiers have the option of skiing at:
 1. Kolapore Wilderness Trails approx. 20 km south west of Collingwood.
 2. Highlands Nordic which is a little south of Collingwood near Duntroon.
 3. Scenic Caves Trails near Blue Mountain.
Rentals are available.
Both Highlands Nordic and Scenic Caves have snowshoe trails. Rentals are available. I’ve emailedKolapore Wilderness Trails to ask about snowshoeing there as well.
Downhill Skiing
As you all know, downhill skiing is in Collingwood at Blue Mountain.
We will be booking hotel rooms for the two nights. The cost for the room at Days Inn will be $142.00 per night for a room with two queen beds and $130.00 per night for a room with one king-sized bed. This includes a continental breakfast.
Lunch, supper and rentals that are required are at the expense of the individual.
If you are interested in going, let me know by November 14th so we can firm up reservations. Days Inn cancellation policy is “you can cancel up to 24 hours prior to the arrival date.”
I know this will be a great time and I hope the conditions are excellent
If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call: Brian Seabrook 519-542-2015 or email
Thank you

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