Member’s Bicycle Workshop (PHOTOS)

Photos from 2016 workshop; click thumbnails to enlarge.

​This is a reminder regarding the upcoming members-only bicycle workshop taking place at the Newton Park Centre on McCrie Street this Sunday, April 30th from 9 am to 1 pm.​ If you haven’t already registered on the LOC website, please do so as soon as possible. Also, to get the greatest benefit from this instructive free workshop, please bring your favourite bike.
We will begin the workshop with a brief summary of the very busy upcoming LOC cycling event schedule as well as some of the special non-LOC sanctioned events (including registration deadlines).
Secondly, we will review many of the most important bicycle safety guidelines and laws to help ensure a memorable and eventful cycling experience for the right reasons.
Finally, and the primary reason for this annual workshop, we will deal with some general aspects of bicycle maintenance. The main topic will be fixing flat tires which happens to be by far the most common problem encountered while out cycling.
The theme will be “hands on” and for those who wish to actively participate we will go through the exercise of taking out the rear wheel, removing the tire and tube, checking everything over then re-assembling  – essentially all the steps involved in fixing a flat. We can also look at patching a tube.
So bring your bike, your spare tube and tool kit so you will find out whether you are adequately equipped for the job when the need does arise.  For those who just want to watch that is fine also but having seen how easy it is (??) you might then want to try yourself. We will have some extra wheels to work with.
We may also get on to some other maintenance items in the time that remains.  So have your questions ready! 
Weather, time and energy permitting, we may then enjoy a leisurely bike ride around the local area.


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