Non-LOC: Orchid Field Survey Assistance @ Camp Attawandaron

Your assistance appreciated.
I will be at Camp Attawandaron tomorrow Friday 22nd September, to continue with our “Great Plains Ladies Tresses” Orchid population field survey. the last Orchid population to flower in Ontario. I was at camp Saturday, Sunday, and Monday and confirmed another 91 stems. Nodding Ladies Tresses on the way out. I leave St. Mike’s in the Grove 9:00 am sharp (after morning coffee at Tim’s) arriving at camp around 9:30 ish, any earlier and get soaked by morning dew. I normally leave around 12:30 ish. Bring rubber boots. Fen water levels quite high.
Total New Orchid Population YTD Count = 1,472 GPLT stems, with more GPLT to count.
We may get in our last C5LS field survey.

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