Non-LOC: Camp Attawandaron Field Survey Assistance Request

LOC Members:
Les Moir will be at the Camp Monday 3rd July, 2017 to begin the (Citizen Scientist Rust Patched Bumble-bee Field Survey) in conjunction with Wildlife Preservation Canada. and is asking if anyone would like to help for around two hours. This will be a preliminary survey and will require walking the trails and open areas to determine the most productive sites. Les has the “BumbleBeeWatch.orgVolunteer Field Survey Data Sheets, as well as additional Bumble-bee information. Will require a minimum of two volunteers per survey team. It would help if one of the team could take a photograph of any Bumble-bee sighted, hopefully on a flower.
Once complete, people who show up are more than welcome to spend a couple of hours exploring other parts of the camp. Maps are available.
Les will be leaving St. Michaels in the Grove parking lot around 8:30 am. For people who show up at the camp gate he will be at the camp gate around 9:10 am. If the gate is open (may have the 4 Ts RV club in camp), park in the main parking lot just past the bird feeder station, at the bottom of the hill into the main camp ground. Recommend long pants, long sleeved shirt, hiking boots (no open footwear). hiking poles (for the hilly parts of the trails), Deet and sunscreen, water, snack.
As of today, the Grass Pink Orchids are in full flower down in the Fen.
Les Moir

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