Non-LOC: RAGBRAI – Bike Ride Across Iowa

Note from Mike Tanner:
Last year 4 of us participated in this week long event, which is essentially a 420mile ride across the corn-blessed hills of Iowa. It is a massive undertaking, in its 45th year and attracts 15,000 riders. It may appear overwhelming, but I was a rookie rider and finished; it is not a race, it’s a RIDE. Its also a fun-packed outdoor adventure, you camp, dine from a huge variety of food vendors, and enjoy live entertainment each evening.
              If you are interested, the deadline for entries is April 1, and the cost is $175US, plus other transportation and food costs. It is best if we register as a team for documentation, and Sharon Crowe has agreed to coordinate payments, so it is best to talk with us first if you are interested. 
             This was a huge challenge for me, and a great life experience; and like me, most people we met had ridden multiple times. If you are considering don’t wait too long, we need to get our act together soon.
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Register on the the RAGBRAI website.

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Members registered to attend:
Mike Tanner
Sharon Crowe
Kim Smith

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