(PHOTOS) Paddle at Shetland Conservation Area (Cogeco filming)

An easy paddle with Brian on the Sydenham, at Shetland Conservation Area. Photos by Stan Piskorowski.

Hi everyone,

Last year, Samantha McFadden of Cogeco TV did a feature presentation on the Lambton Outdoor Club. It was mainly focused on Winter activities that the club did that year. The presentation was aired on Cogeco TV in fall last year.

I have been contacted by Samantha and she would like to do two fall features this year on LOC, a Cycling and a Canoe/Kayaking event . The cycling trip had a good turnout a few weeks ago.

Samantha would like to attend the Paddle in Shetland Provincial Park on 15th October. This is an easy 3hour paddle. Meeting at 9:00am at Montana’s Restaurant parking lot at Lambton Mall. Please go to the LOC website to register : http://lambtonoutdoorclub.org/canoe-kayaking/    or contact Brian at 519-542-2015.   

Samantha would like to do some interviews at the beginning of the paddle and then come along on the trip.

I would like to encourage you all to come out for this event so that we can show a really good turnout and maybe some of you can get your 3 minutes of fame on TV.

Thank you….Tony

If you have any questions please contact me at tarnold@teksavvy.com  or Brian at 519-542-2015

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