Executive Council:

  President  Mike Tanner 312-3030          lmt1277@hotmail.com
  Vice-President  Les McDermott 466-3434          lesmcd847@gmail.com
  Past President  Donna Suffield 466-8026          donna.suffield@yahoo.com
  Secretary  Joan Elliott 869-4735
  Treasurer (interim)  Mike Elliott 383-8195          elliotmg@hotmail.com


Activity Committee Chairs:

  Canoeing/Kayaking  Judy Mahoney 336-3919          judymsemail@gmail.com
  Cycling  Les McDermott 466-3434          lesmcd847@gmail.com
  Hiking  Greg Hogan 344-3755          lambtonhiker@cogeco.ca
  Winter Activities  Brian Seabrook 542-2015          bjseabrook@hotmail.com


Support Committee Chairs:

  Communications  David Druiett  869-2864        david.druiett@lkdsb.net
  Membership  Larry Suffield  381-4768        larrysuffield@yahoo.ca
  Newsletter  (position open)
  Publicity  Lori Clancy  862-5198        loricl@sympatico.ca
  Social  Kim Smith  862-1234        kblester@bell.net
  Website  Chris Richmond  704-1113        webmaster@lambtonoutdoorclub.org


Volunteering is a great way to get involved with your club and to meet new and interesting people.
Contact any of the above Chairs if you would like to help out!