Interac e-transfer payment (offered by most banks) may now be made to LOC for membership dues or social events, for those using online banking. Most banks charge a fee of $1.00 – $1.50 (or more) which is withdrawn from your account when the transfer is complete.

  1. Obtain security password from treasurer (email: or decide on your own security question/answer.
  2. On bank website under Transfers, select Interac e-Transfer
  3. Add “New recipient(first time only) of:
    Name: Lambton Outdoor Club or LOC
    Email address:
  4. Select account $$ to be withdrawn from, and amount (CAD) to be transferred from your account.
  5. Enter Security question/answer obtained from treasurer or create your own.
  6. Optionally, enter comments on the e-transfer screen such as meal choice(s) for a dinner.
    If you forget this step, send a separate email to the treasurer with meal choice(s).

LOC assumes no responsibility for errors made or fees charged by the bank.

The e-transfer goes to the Treasurer only, so only this person can answer queries about payments for memberships/events.

If you are renewing your membership or signing up for the first time, the membership application form and the liability/release form must be sent to the treasurer.
They can be scanned as a pdf or captured on phone camera and emailed, or put into the mail.
** Your membership is not valid if this paperwork is not received annually.**

More info on using Interac e-Transfer: