A Message From Our President

As I begin my year as president of our club, I have to confess that this move was not on my career track. However at the 2014 AGM when they were casting around for VP, I thought, “Why not, I’ve been a member of this club for 10 years, it’s time to step up”. Here I am, now looking at the affairs of LOC from behind the gavel, and I am impressed with the energy and organization that Council and committee members put into running this club. We welcome two new members to Council, Michelle Weber (VP) and Sharon Lyons (Newsletter) as well as two reassignments; Brian Seabrook will chair the winter activities group, and Judy Mahoney will chair the Paddling group.
2016 marks the 25th anniversary of LOC, and we have much to celebrate. We provide a full slate of weekly activities that encourage folk to actively enjoy Canada’s amazing outdoors.
We are hoping to celebrate our quarter century, but we need YOUR input. Do you have an idea for an event or activity?  Would you like to be part of the Anniversary committee?
Michelle Weber, our VP has agreed to chair this initiative and is looking for your input and assistance.
Life is full of checks and balances, and even as we celebrate 25 years, I see clouds on the horizon. The group of mostly 40-50’s that started the club is now a group of 60-70’s. Many who were working are retired. The Internet was in its infancy and smartphones were science fiction back then. Our membership has plateaued around 300. We have changed, the world has changed, and LOC needs to evolve to stay a vibrant part of the outdoor community. Our new website is an awesome
foundation, but we need to move forward and embrace change. I am proposing the creation of a strategic planning group to ask the questions: Who are we? Where is society going? How can we ensure an active club in 2025? If you would like to be part of future planning, please let me know.
I am excited to embrace the future. I hiked for years but a legacy of youthful soccer and ski injuries has caught up and now the open road on two wheels is my preferred choice, and paddling looms large. I encourage each of you to embrace change and stretch yourself.
You’ll have fun; I guarantee it.
Mike Tanner ~ 519-312-3030


Past Presidents

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