A Message From Our President

If you are visiting this page for the first time, I want to welcome you to the Lambton Outdoor Club and give you a taste of what the club has to offer. If you are reading this as a member, then I hope that you will be encouraged to welcome and mentor newcomers. For the past 25 years the club has built on the passion of its members to enjoy the outdoors in four seasons; Hiking, Paddling and Cycling in the warm weather, and Cross Country and Snowshoeing when snow makes an appearance. The stalwart hikers maintain their outings year round.

Recognizing that people’s abilities and experience vary tremendously, we offer different skill levels in all of our activities. If you enjoy an easy walk, it is probably unwise to consider an all day Bruce Trail Hike, or if you are a city cyclist then an 80 km bike ride is going to be a challenge. However, the club encourages you to set your sights high, and work towards challenging goals. Ten of us recently returned from a week long 700 km ride across Iowa, an amazing experience and so much more enjoyable in the company of others. Many members have hiked the entire Bruce Trail over a period of years, others have paddled remote Northern lakes.

The club is not only about achievement, we are known as the outdoor club with an eating disorder, as outings will invariably include a meal break and social time. In fact the Social aspect is an important part of our DNA. Start the year with a New Year’s Day hike, and finish with Christmas Dinner; it is fun and enjoyable to meet other outdoor-minded people, who relish the challenge and satisfaction of mastering road, trail or lake.

Our club is run by volunteers, and is sustained by the desire and ability to be involved. Outings are organized and coordinated by individuals who have the responsibility to guide and lead safely, and are happy to mentor others in that role. Council provides vision and leadership to maintain our systems, programs and technology relevant to member’s needs and the culture.

People are welcome to join our activities on a trial basis; our rule of thumb is 3 outings, and then you should commit. Membership fees are very reasonable, and everyone must complete a membership form and liability waiver, found elsewhere on this site. During our year of events to celebrate our 25th anniversary, we selected a tag line: “Hike, Paddle, Ride… Smile”.  I hope you find much to smile about as you explore the great outdoors with LOC.

Mike Tanner
LOC President
Sept 2017



Past Presidents

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