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Stay safe. LOC believes hiking safety to be a serious matter and expects participants to share in that commitment. For the safety of all participants, the hike leader has the right and responsibility to deny participation to anyone who seems ill-prepared.

Be prepared. You must assume all potential risks, be self-reliant, and respect your own abilities in relation to the rated difficulty of the hike. Consult LOC website in advance for possible hike cancellation due to potential inclement weather or dangerous conditions.

Follow instructions. Comply with all instructions from your experienced hike leader.

Be responsible. Show up at least 15 minutes before the stated hike departure time to allow time for attendance, introductions and instructions. Any participant under age 18 must be accompanied by a legal guardian or have a note of permission from the guardian.

Stay organized. Keep together as a group leaving a safe distance between each person. Don’t lose contact with the person in front of or behind you. To avoid an unnecessary search, don’t leave the group without notifying the leader or sweep, and without leaving your backpack or other identifier behind you on the trail.

Be aware of accident procedure. Notify leader or sweep immediately. Know whistle distress signals: one blast (location); two blasts (I’m OK, or I’m coming for you); three blasts (Distress - call for help - First Aid required).

Follow the trail. Hike only on marked routes (no shortcuts), including farmland. When on a road, stay on left side and warn others of approaching traffic.

Stay alert. Be aware of sudden trail direction changes as well as slippery areas, holes, tree limbs and other hazards. Alert those following you when appropriate.

Be respectful. Protect privacy of residents along the trail. Leave gates/fence bars as found. Do not disturb wildlife, plants or flowers. Dogs if allowed by the leader must be on a leash and cleaned up afterwards as necessary. 

Share the fun. Introduce yourself. Help make new members and guests feel welcome. Help cover carpooling expenses for out-of-town trips with an appropriate donation (refer to website guidelines).

Remember. Leave no trace: carry out any trash or garbage. Take nothing but photos.

Carpooling. When sharing a car ride to starting point of an LOC same-day event, it is customary to make a donation to the driver $5.00 for carpooling trips within Lambton County (or within St. Clair County in the U.S.), or $10.00 outside of those counties. Carpooling arrangements including cost sharing donations for multi-day, longer distance trips should be determined by the event leader before departure.
NOTE: Until further notice, due to Covid-19, carpooling to and from events is not permitted.