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LOC Event Guidelines (COVID-19)


Requirements for ALL participants:


  • Do have hand sanitizer and mask with you (not shared)**
  • Do maintain 2 m distance at all times from all other persons** 
  • Do move off trail / path to allow others to pass by with 2 m gap
  • Do wear mask if it seems possible you will be unable to ensure 2 m distance
  • Do clean hands often


  • Don’t participate if you have ANY symptoms, or if the self-assessment tool recommends you get tested or self-isolate
  • Don't handle anyone else’s gear / supplies**
  • Don't carpool**
  • Don't make physical contact**

** Exception: other people in your immediate household

Following the rules is important both to ensure everyone’s safety, and to ensure other members feel safe while participating in the activity.
Your eligibility to participate in future events depends on your willingness to adhere to these important safety precautions.

Activity Specific Rules:


·       Everyone must walk single file while on the trail / path.

·       Ensure the trail is officially open.


·       Participants must have a reliable self-rescue that they have practiced in the last 12 months.

·       (If a couple that are in the same household and paddle together have a reliable assisted
        rescue, they may rely on that.
·       In the event a rescue is needed, participants are expected to rely on self-rescue. 
        Only if this fails would an assisted rescue be undertaken.

·       Leaders to ensure launches and take-outs are staged so that 2 m spacing is maintained.

·       Participants encouraged to manage their own boat launching/loading without assistance.**                       


·       All riders in single file at all times; stay 4-5 bike lengths apart when moving.

·       Avoid bunching up at traffic signals etc.

Overall Goals:

·       Be safe, and be seen to be safe so that:

·       members feel safe participating
·       the public sees LOC behaviours favourably

For Activity Chairs:

·       All activities subject to approval from the Activity Chair; no events posted without your OK.

·       Only approve an event if you have reviewed these rules with group leader, and they have           
        acknowledged to you their willingness to follow the instructions.

·       No “leaderless” activities supported by LOC at this time.·       

·       If a leader identifies someone who was consistently non-compliant on rules, advise council.                 

For Activity Organizers / Leaders:

·       The event leader must review the rules (page 1) with the participants prior to starting out.

·       The event leader must confirm each participant completed the COVID19 self-assessment questionnaire within the last 24 hours,
        and whether it advised them to get tested or self-isolate, in which case the person cannot participate.
           ·   Do not try to do an “impromptu” assessment on the spot for people who forgot to do assessment. 

·       Ensure group size is not greater than allowed by provincial rules.

           ·   Leaders may choose to have a smaller maximum.
           ·   If the group size is larger than 10, consider if additional co-leaders are needed to 
               ensure social distancing.

·       To avoid dealing with waivers at the trail head, no guests will be allowed. Event descriptions
        will spell this out.

·       Because size is limited, only pre-registered participants can attend. 

·       No group meals (snacks breaks OK  with “no sharing”, and 2 m spacing maintained)

·       No indoor or “overnight”  events are to be held.

·       Leader will monitor rules compliance during the event, and warn participants if necessary.     
          ·  Report to your activity chair participant(s) who demonstrate persistent non-compliance.
             Their future participation may be at risk as their behaviour may make other members uneasy.   

          ·  If you are not willing to do this, do not lead events at this time.

·       After the event, leaders must record attendance online in case it is needed for case tracking / contact tracing.

·       Leaders may choose to be more restrictive than these guidelines; if they are more comfortable they may choose to lead groups of five, for example.