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Ontario Roadmap to Reopen

 | Published on 5/22/2021

On May 20th, Ontario rolled out the provincial Roadmap to Reopen.

Criteria have been set for moving to Steps 1, 2, and 3 of this plan.  It is expected that Ontario will achieve the Step 1 criteria sometime in the week of June 14th.  The exact date for moving to Step 1 will be announced later.

Until we move to Step 1, we remain under the Stay At Home Order, so it is now extended past June 1st.  However, some aspects of this order have been revised, like opening some recreational amenities, and allowing outdoor gatherings of up to 5.  However, this does not include allowance for Organized Public Events such as LOC Hikes, Paddles, or Cycles, so those events scheduled in the first half of June are being cancelled.

Details of the Ontario Roadmap for Re-Opening can be found here:

Re-Opening Framework