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Notice of Annual General Meeting

To attend the LOC annual meeting, you must register for the event. You must be "logged in" to see the event in the calendar.  Zoom link details will be sent on the day of the meeting via email to those registered.

Although we are meeting (again) online due to the pandemic,  we are continuing the practice of dealing with the important (if "dry") business of the AGM first,  and then including some presentations of more general interest.

This year, following completion of the AGM business,  Tony Arnold will speak to the origins of the LOC, which is celebrating it's 30th anniversary this year.  

Then,  Winston Ramharry will speak about the recently completed "Lake to Lake" kayak trip, in which a small group paddled from Lake Huron to Lake Erie.

Again, please register so you can participate in the AGM, and hear these great stories!